Product Description

Water filtration plant manufactured by us is of high quality which helps in reducing unwanted contaminants from the polluted water. This kind of water plant is designed with the industrial standards and fulfills the criteria on its performance ground. Basically, raw water may contain the harmful and undesirable organisms which can be felt through the smell & taste and can be seen through the color change or water. Water filtration plant is used to clean such kind of raw water and to make it fir for drinking or some other purposes. While using this process, some chemicals are used to make the water clean which are as follows:-

-- Sodium carbonate which is also called soda ash and it used to make the water acid free and to adjust the pH at the process end
-- Polymer to provide support to raw water
-- Aluminium sulphate (alum) to join the small pieces of solvents dissolved in the water
-- Powdered activated carbon is also used to remove the odours or smell lying in the raw water.

Above all, to design the water filtration plant, four long pipes are arranged together with the pit chambers or tanks. Raw water is then generated to the pit chamber in which chemicals are added to make the water reacted with the chemicals and to remove the contaminants lying in the raw water. A conventional process is used in which mixture of chemicals and raw water is distributed into one of the channels through the rotating paddles. These paddles work on slow motion and small particles takes form of large particles and these large particles laid down under floor. These large particles become a form of sludge and sludge is dried through the sludge lagoon so that it could be removed easily. Revolving paddles help the raw water to leave the small particles and these small particles are separated through sand filters and later, with the combination of water and air, these filters are cleared timely. During this process, clear water is settled into one of the Clearwater tank which is settled underground located in the main building and each drops of clear water is being driven in the tank. After that, this clear water is treated with the drops of chlorine so as to remove the harmful organisms and other solvents which can lead for dental problems for human.

Water is then transferred to the city through plant system from the underground tanks. This water is stored and supplied as per the capacity and usage. Once there is any problem while transferring the water, a pressure is being initialized to pump the water. The whole process seems difficult so a strict monitoring is required so that automatic process can be directed without any hassle. Computer screens are setup to keep an eye and to have control over the process. Alarms are also located at different places so as to signal the stoppage of process. Computer and alarms make the communication and process very effective.

Apart from this, a laboratory is also established to check the quality of water. Once the testing is performed in a proper way, then only the water is processed further for use. This whole process is designed and performed under the govt. standards and guidelines and failure of which can led to closing of such plants. Thus WFP is not an easy process and buildup with great care and optimum resources by S J Environmental Solutions.