Product Description

S J Environmental Solutions has been dealing with many kinds of treatment plants out of which sewage treatment plant is one them. The company is providing repairs & maintenance services all over India at an affordable cost and through the expertise and efficient engineers. Sewage treatment is performed to clean the waste water underlying in land. This waste water is the result of Domestic & Commercial disposals, storm or rain water etc. Thus Sewage treatment is performed to remove the majority of the contaminants lying in waste water and to produce the smooth flow of liquid which should be environment friendly. Apart from this, this helps in keeping the roads clean and mud free.


Sewage is usually resulted of the disposals from residence, industry, offices, factories and other public outlets. This disposal includes the waste & water from kitchen, bath, toilets, rain waters & other occasionally cleaning operations. Though the waste water coming from the industrial area can not be re-used as it contains the high level of solids & chemicals which made the water color Black where as the disposals or waste coming through household is of grey color which can be recycled and re-used for planting or harvesting. It can also be supplied back to residential or commercial buildings to use it for flushing the toilets. But due to improper sewage system, black water is getting mixed with the grey water for which this treatment is adopted.


Sewage is of usually three types:-

1. Domestic Sewage: This is the result of household chaos. Daily routine work includes bathing, toilet, washing clothes or kitchen utensils, cleaning etc. This kind of disposal are of grey color which is later recycled for re-use purposes. This recycled water is used for further planting, harvesting or for other nature related work. This sewage is also called sanitary sewage. This sewage can be purified with an extent of 99.9% but yet it includes some harmful stuff which cannot be re-used for the same purposes.

2. Industrial Sewage: This is generated through the activities performed in industry or factory outlets. This contains the poisonous chemicals, solids, oils etc which cannot be dissolved in water and so they ruin the water completely. Their cleanliness percentage resembles only 0 .1% and that’s why it cannot be re-used for any purposes. This sewage is quite smelly and of black color which could results of harmful diseases for the surrounding peoples.

3. Storm Sewage: Rain water and other natural water contain the organic materials which are not at all harmful. Dissolved dust is purified to make it re-usable and supplied through pipelines.

The main goal of treatment is to make the waste water re-usable or smoothened the flow of water lying on roads or lands or coming from the different outlets. This treatment is performed as per the local, state and federal regulations or standards.