Operation and Annual Maintenance Contracts,(AMC)

Normal water is free from any kind of contaminating constituents and is pure to use but when this water is used for many purposes such as bathing, showering, washing, cleaning and other household & industrial work, water generated through these task is not worthy to use it for the same purposes. Used water includes many harmful solids or solvents which are to be filtered to such extent so that it can be re-used for planting, harvesting, construction or other activities.

Water polluted through the households & industrial activities are recycled again and again till it become usable for the same purposes or some other purposes. Waste water treatment plants are established to make the water usable by removing harmful contaminants from the dirty water. By discharging the water through the cleaning process, recycled water may be used for agriculture production. Apart from that, for cleaning the waste water, it has to be gone through the many process such as, Preliminary treatment, Primary treatment, Secondary treatment and Territory treatment which are all step-by-step processes.