S J Environmental Solutions has been dealing with many kinds of treatment plants oThough chemicals and bacteria, both the scientific terms and which are mostly have adverse reaction. Chemical can be anything which has some reaction. It can be solid or liquid, harmful or beneficial, dissolvable or insolvent etc. Chemical is a scientific word used for any chemical process. And bacteria are something which can be produced through chemical reaction and can be diminished with the help of chemical only.

Chemicals: - Chemicals are basically non living matter which is found in form of soaps, acids, solvents, enzymes. Chemicals are not helpful themselves and neither reproduces anything. They provide reaction if they mixture with some other chemical or bacteria or enzymes. In fact, chemicals are not treated as environment friendly due to its harmful effects. That is why; chemicals are used for reducing the side effects of polluted area. Harsh quality chemicals are used for tough jobs such as, to clean the sludge area etc. as less harsh chemicals are failed to clean the same. Chemicals are destructive in nature so they can be hazardous for wild life, fishes and other water livings.

Bacteria: - Bacteria are living cells which are able to produce or reproduce harmful germs or may consume the waste underlying in water or liquid. Bacteria are always not harmful. Sometime they can show their positive side if they are used in right time, with right quantity and in right direction. Even bacteria can also produce enzymes must faster than the human can produce. Actually bacteria work in the present of carbon dioxide and water and consume the waste materials. With the reaction of water and CO2, bacteria play safely and convert the waster into useful enzymes. S J Environmental Solutions deals with such kind of bacteria which helps in producing the waste and converting the same into helpful production. Bacteria are kept safe for this transaction under the laboratory test.